Managed Care for Foster and Adoptive Youth

July 22, 2016

You may or may not know that coming soon, on January 1st, 2017; all of Ohio’s Foster and Adoptive youth will need to be on a Managed Care Plan. This is different than the current Medicaid plans that many of them are currently on. So what does this mean exactly?

Managed Care Plans are run by health insurance companies that are contracted by the Ohio Department of Medicaid to manage health care and benefits provided to the Medicaid population. There are currently five companies one can choose to work with:






For foster youth, the child’s custodial agency will be the one to choose the plan the child will be on. The custodial agency can switch the foster youth to another plan at any time should they need to. Although foster parents will not be the one to make the decision on the plan they will need to make sure that the providers they work with (doctors, dentists, therapists, etc.) are covered by the chosen company. Instead of the monthly Medicaid cards many families are used to, youth will receive one insurance card that can be used throughout the year.

For adoptive youth who are enrolled on Medicaid currently, the child’s parents will need to choose a plan for their child. All adoptive families will be receiving notification in early November regarding this change and choosing a plan for their child. Once notified, they will then have eighteen days to select a plan and enroll. If a family does not make a selection within the allotted timeframe, a plan will automatically be selected for them based on their child’s current needs and services. Unlike foster youth, adoptive youth will not be able to switch plans at any time. Initially, families will be able to switch plans after 90 days and then annually thereafter. Just like with foster families, adoptive families will need to make sure their child’s services and the providers they use are covered by their chosen plan.

If you want more information on this change, checkout the Ohio Department of Medicaid’s presentation by clicking here.

If you are a family wanting assistance in choosing a plan for your child or you want to enroll in a plan, you can do so by calling 1-800-324-8680 or going to:



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