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National Adoption Month

November is National Adoption Awareness Month and this year’s Adoption Day celebration is on November 17th in Franklin County.To honor this month and create awareness surrounding adoption, UMCH has participated in the #OneDayProject.

“The day an adoption is finalized is one you’ll never forget. The National Adoption Day Coalition created the One Day Project to share with the thousands of waiting children and families what this “one day” feels like.”

We at UMCH have so many amazing families that have offered a forever home to a child or children in need. We will have 25 adoptions in 2016 alone! Here is what that one finalization day meant to some of  our families and what it can mean for the lifetime of a child:


“This is from day Miranda was adopted. We didn’t tell her until 15 minutes before our meeting with the judge. She was so used to meetings at the courthouse that she thought it was just another day….” Now we celebrate ” Headapohl Day” every year.” -UMCH Adoptive Family, Dan and Mary Headapohl


“Such a fantastic day! While Risen stole our hearts and we knew she was part of the family from day one, today we are able to state she is officially a Schreiber! We want to thank UMCH and Franklin County for being so organized and accessible through the process! We feel fortunate that the process went so smooth! “-UMCH Adoptive Parents Michael and Megan Schreiber


“The best day of our lives! Enjoy everyday watching him become a man”-UMCH Adoptive Parent, Sam McKenzie


The beginning of an exciting new adventure! He is an amazing kid with an amazing future ahead of him.”-UMCH Adoptive Parent, Sam McKenzie



“Jeremiahs “gotcha” day was nothing short of amazing. Much like the days I gave birth to my biological children it was filled with tears of joy. This process was trying and stretching for our family, but we wouldn’t change a single challenge for getting to keep JJ in our family forever. That night as we put our kids to bed our 6 year old said ” I am so thankful that no one will ever take JJ out of our family. I love my little brother”. – UMCH Adoptive Parents, John and Danielle Schlitt


“Welcoming Peyton, Grayson, and Avery into our family has changed our lives. I have always known that I could make a difference in the life of a child, but I never knew how much an adoptive child could make a difference to our family. I know that we are better people because of our experience fostering and adopting.”- UMCH Adoptive Parents, Sue Vargo and Jen Zegler


“Our 2 latest adoptions, 8/18/15 James and 5/2/16 Morgan and Bradley— numbers for our family 9,10 and 11” -UMCH Adoptive Family, Walter and Teri Gabriel




“On the day the adoption was finalized it felt like we finally got the family we had been wanting for a long time. It took awhile for the realization that we get to keep the boys forever to really sink in!”- UMCH Adoptive Parents, Derik and Misty Pace