$5 On The 5th

2015 $5 On The 5th Giving Events

For the cost of a cup of coffee you could change a life. Make a difference on March 29, May 31, August 30 and November 29. Four months of 2015 – March, May, August and November – have five Sundays. At the end of these months, on each of these “Fifth Sundays,” we, at UMCH, are asking each and every person in worship to give just $5 or more to help children and families. These are small individual gifts that multiply and help to change the lives of Ohio’s children and families who are looking for hope and healing.

Your Church’s gifts will help us provide loving foster parents for children in need of a safe and secure temporary home; family outpatient mental health counseling for families in need of extra care to stay strong and together; and adoptive parents for children who are looking for their own “forever” families.

The need is great. Together, we can be there to help Ohio’s children and families through this ministry. God is doing amazing things with your dollars through UMCH. Thank you for choosing to make all of this possible.

View the critical needs of our children and families 

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