What We Do

UMCH Family Services provides homes through our Treatment Foster Care Program, finds homes through our Adoption Program and strengthens homes through our Outpatient Family Mental Health Service Program for children and families in need. UMCH Family Services is a ministry of the West Ohio Conference of The United Methodist Church.


UMCH Family Services has a long-standing heritage in and around adoption. For more than a century, we have been helping to create forever families through adoption. In fact, many children were adopted from what used to be referred to as the Children’s Home in our earlier years. Over the years, we received numerous inquiries about the adoption process fueling the creation of our formal Adoption Program that operates with a dedicated Adoption coordinator to handle all inquiries and to guide our clients through the adoption process. UMCH Family Services is the only agency in Central Ohio to offer the complete continuum of adoption care, from pre adoption through the adoption process and even including post adoption services.

Post Adoption

We are the only agency in central Ohio to provide Therapeutic Post Adoption Services. We believe in the importance of helping forever families stay together and weather the ups and downs of life. In fact, seeking out post adoption services is a common way for adoptive parents to explore new information and connect to experts in the Post Adoption field. Post Adoption Services have become a best practice model for the continuing integration of adoptive families and they seek post adoption support at various times throughout the lifelong process of adoption.

Treatment Foster Care

The UMCH Family Services Foster Team specializes in Treatment Foster Care. When used to describe Foster Care, the word “treatment” refers to an advanced level of therapeutic assistance for the child in care. Our Treatment Foster Families offer safe, nurturing home environments for children to practice new or rediscovered skills when they are not ready or able to live with their families of origin.

Treatment Foster Families receive ongoing training from UMCH beyond that required for traditional foster care. Treatment Families become a skilled, integral part of the UMCH Multidisciplinary Team, working closely with and receiving 24/7 support from case managers, supervisors, therapists and others based on the needs of the child.

We are unique in that our agency provides all treatment team services within the agency itself from psychiatrist, psychologist and nurse to treatment coordinator and supervisor. Our Treatment Foster Care program is goal-oriented, time-limited and family-centered.

We recommend homes for licensure, regularly interact with our foster families and operate with a low foster home to case manager ratio, which allows for individualized attention.

We also provide traditional foster care for children who do not require a treatment-focused environment. And, we provide adoption services.

Outpatient Mental Health

The Outpatient Mental Health clinical team focuses on strengthening the individual and family through counseling and supportive services.  The staff uses the newest in evidence-based and evidence-informed practices to bring the most dynamic approach to the process. Counseling is a team approach that includes the family members as integral partners. From the beginning, we listen to the ideas of the patient and family as we gather the important background information needed to complete a comprehensive assessment, develop an individualized treatment plan and engage in on-going counseling to meet each child’s unique goals.

The Outpatient multi-disciplinary team is comprised of a Master’s level therapist, licensed community psychiatric support therapist, nurse, certified nurse practitioner, and psychiatrist.

Outpatient Mental Health Services offers:

Outpatient Mental Health Services:  The agency partners with community resources including schools and primary care physicians to provide counseling services to children and youth from age 4-18.  During the school year these services are often provided in the school setting to assist with behavioral (non-academic) issues.  The team consists of the school personnel, parents/guardians, child or teen and any other referral sources.  .

Community Based Mental Health Services/Therapeutic Intervention: This service is provided when a higher level of frequency is indicated.  Therapy is provided in the community, often in the home.  The therapist meets with the child, teen and parents/guardians along with other resource personnel including the referral source and other entities in the family/child’s life..

Residential AfterCare: This service is for children upon being discharged from out-of-home placement to assist with successful family reunification. Services are provided in the community involving the child or teen and their parent/guardian along with other entities essential for the successful transition.