Adoption Services

UMCH Family Services has a long-standing heritage in and around adoption. For more than a century, we have been helping to create forever families through adoption. In fact, many children were adopted from what used to be referred to as the Children’s Home in our earlier years. Over the years, we received numerous inquiries about the adoption process fueling the creation of our formal Adoption Program that operates with a dedicated Adoption coordinator to handle all inquiries and to guide our clients through the adoption process.

Every child has a right to a permanent family, a family where they can be loved, cared for, and kept safe. Today, there are around 102,000 children waiting to be adopted from the United States Foster Care System. UMCH Family Services works to place these children in their forever families so that no children are left to age out of the system. At UMCH Family Services we offer the complete continuum of adoption care, from pre adoption through the adoption process and even including post adoption services to ensure each family is successful in their adoption journey.