UMCH Outpatient Mental Health Program

Is your child struggling?

If you have children, you experience challenging situations from time to time. But, if your child deals with emotional or behavioral issues, life’s challenges may sometimes be overwhelming and it can be even more difficult to manage all of the daily demands you and your child face. We can help.

For information or an appointment, please call 614-885-5020 to schedule.

We Can Help

Our Outpatient Mental Health Program provides your family with services to support you in navigating life – individualized treatment for children 4 to 22, in a variety of locations throughout Central Ohio. We work hand-in-hand with parents and guardians, schools, and pediatricians to bring a comprehensive approach to our treatment process with services that include:

  • Mental health/behavioral health counseling
  • Community Psychiatric Support Treatment
  • Psychiatric assessment
  • Medication management

And, we offer these services through the community, school or through aftercare programs. (as well as telehealth for all of our services)

How do I know if my child needs help?

If your child experiences any one of these, the answer is yes:

  • Becomes irritable and angry at themselves and others
  • Has difficulty sleeping
  • Is excessively worrying
  • Has failing grades, refuses to do schoolwork or is in trouble at school
  • Is frequently sad
  • Refuses to follow directions, even with simple requests
  • Has experienced trauma, grief or loss
  • Has trouble maintaining attention or is impulsive
  • Demonstrates risky behaviors
  • Has drug and alcohol issues
  • Does harm to others
  • Repeatedly steals and lies

How we help

  • Help you pay attention to your child’s progress by reinforcing beneficial behavioral changes and monitoring the effect of medication.
  • Help your child practice coping skills and symptom management in real-life settings.
  • Help you and your child engage the resources that are necessary for your success.
  • Help you to practice supportive communication and organize a supportive home environment for your child.
  • Help to coordinate the activities of multiple providers of service so that all are working toward the same coordinated goals.
  • Advocate for you and your child in various settings, including school, court, etc.
  • Assist with maintaining needed appointments with other providers like your child’s psychiatrist or therapist.
  • Work closely with anyone you designate to assist you and your family.
  • Assist your child and you during moments of crisis.
  • Help you work through family dilemmas.
  • Assist with the development of your child’s treatment plan and help your child achieve the goals in the plan.

How we work with your family

    • We can provide telehealth services for ALL of our services
    • We can do an assessment (no commitment necessary) to see if counseling would be helpful if you are unsure.
    • We can see your child via telehealth (videochat), or in-person.
    • We have multiple locations around Columbus for your convenience if you prefer an in-person appointment.

1. 5975 Cleveland Ave, Suite D Columbus, OH 43231

2. 5330 E. Main Street, Suite 100B Columbus, OH 43213

3. 431 East Broad Street Columbus, OH 43215

4. 120 S. Broad Street Middletown, OH 45044

  • If your child sees us in person, our COVID-19 protocols follow CDC guidelines.
  • We can get your child in for an appointment, in some cases same or next day, but within the week.

Our team and process

You’ll have access to the UMCH Family Services treatment team, which includes master’s level counselors and social workers, support staff in the community, RNs, MAs, LPNs, a nurse practitioner and a psychiatrist. Our team works with each client and family to design a customized program of treatment. These programs may include assessments and evaluations, medication management and psychiatric evaluation individual and family counseling, assistance with crisis management and parenting support and case management.

A word about insurance

The insurance plans we accept include:

  • We accept all major insurance plans

What to know if you have Medicaid

  • We are a Medicaid provider.
  • There is no co-pay.

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