Treatment Foster Care FAQ

Who can foster?

Anyone 21 years of age or older who can provide the necessary documentation for the home assessment is eligible to foster. Legally married couples, non-married couples or single individuals are eligible.

What are the training requirements?

Prospective foster parents are required to attend 36 hours of training referred to as Pre-Service Training. Training is offered through UMCH Family Services on a quarterly basis. Training schedules are available to view on our website. This training must be completed before a home assessment can be approved.

What is a home assessment?

A home assessment is a combination of collected information and interviews that are compiled into a document that represents your family. A certified adoption assessor meets with your family to assess items such as child rearing skills, life experiences, and strengths to determine the type of foster child each individual could best parent. A criminal background check, fire inspection, safety audit and medical examination are also required.

What if I am already a licensed foster parent?

UMCH Family Services will work with your current agency to facilitate a transfer at your request.

What is the income requirement to foster?

ls need to have an income sufficient to meet their needs and maintain their household without foster care reimbursements.

Do foster parents have any say in the child or children who come into their home?

Yes, you will be given all of the information we receive about a child in need of placement and then you will decide whether or not you would like that child placed in your home.

How old are the children in your foster care program?

We see children from newborn to age 18 who are in need of a foster home. In some cases, young adults up to age 21 may remain in foster care.

How long are children in foster care?

The time a child is in foster care can vary greatly. A child can be in care a few days, a few weeks, a few months or even years. Each case is different.

Do foster parents receive any type of reimbursement?

Yes, you will get paid a daily rate called a per diem. This daily rate will depend on the child’s level of care which they are assigned when they enter the foster care system. This payment is made to foster parents once a month via direct deposit.

Do foster parents pay for a child's clothing?

As a part of the per diem, you are expected to buy appropriate clothing for your foster child or children.

Do foster parents pay for a child's medical expenses?

No, foster children enter care with medical coverage.

Can I be dually approved to foster and adopt?

Yes, through UMCH Family Services you can be approved as “Foster to Adopt.” In this case, individuals would foster children and would work towards reunification unless an adoption plan is made.