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Land Sale

UMCH Worthington Campus Land

Why We Are Selling Our Land

Selling our land is important for us in two ways. First and foremost, we are mission-minded and it is a reallocation of our resources. The budget dollars we are currently using to maintain the Worthington campus would be better used in the care and treatment of children and their families. Secondly, with the funds from the sale of the land, we intend to create an endowment so that we can continue to operate UMCH Family Services for the next 100 years, as well as fund research, education and innovation inside children’s services.

As we go through the process of selling our Worthington Campus land, we understand that there may be many questions about what is happening.  We have compiled answers to questions you may have in our Q and A.

Want to see what our Worthington campus property looks like?  Here is a map of the land owned by UMCH Family Services in Worthington, OH.

Let Us Know

We appreciate your feedback and have received a lot of helpful input from folks who really do care about crafting a win-win for the community and UMCH. We are as much about results as you are, so please know that we find constructive, helpful feedback far more credible and we give it more weight. Provide us input.

Still Want to Know More?

Additional information and links regarding our land sale and what we are doing in the community are provided below.

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About UMCH Family Services

We are UMCH Family Services, a ministry of the West Ohio Conference of the United Methodist Church. Formerly United Methodist Children’s Home, we began as an orphanage. The campus we occupy today is a small part of our original parcel of land, which included several hundred acres extending to the river and purchased in 1911. To develop a small portion of the land, money was raised to build a facility, which began accepting children in 1914. The “Children’s Home” long has been a fixture inside Worthington.

For the more than 100 years we have been in operation, our methods have changed to meet the needs of a changing world, but our mission has remained the same – strengthening children and families in need. We serve the most vulnerable among us. No longer an orphanage or residential facility, today we serve children and families through our three programs: Treatment Foster Care, Adoption and Post Adoption, and Outpatient Family Mental Health Services. Effectively, we have gone from the home for children, to homes for children — hundreds and hundreds of homes. UMCH Family Services provides homes through Treatment Foster Care, finds homes for through Adoption, and strengthens homes through Outpatient Family Mental Health Services.

About the UMCH Worthington Campus

Today, the UMCH Campus sits on roughly 40 acres of prime land inside Worthington. It includes an administrative office building, a small educational building and cottages that were used to house children. These cottages were essential to the residential and emergency shelter service we provided, acting as temporary housing for children who could no longer safely be with their families. Just as orphanages fell out of favor, again the climate shifted and facilities began downsizing and closing residential services offerings nationwide. Today, across all of children’s welfare services, the aim is to keep children with their families of origin when possible, working to strengthen the entire family so that they can navigate as a cohesive and effective unit. The climate shift coupled with uncertain funding made it necessary in December 2010 to close UMCH’s residential and emergency shelter programs to focus on Treatment Foster Care, Adoption and Outpatient Family Mental Health. And now, the help UMCH Family Services provides to hundreds of children takes place within the communities we serve, closer to our clientele. We no longer need a campus of this size to effectively serve our clients.

Why This Land Sale Is A Positive Change For Our Community

At UMCH Family Services, we serve the most vulnerable population, low-income children and their families. Federal funding for children’s services continues to be difficult to obtain. There is a significant gap between the amount of funding needed to provide the quality treatment we provide and the actual income we receive.  Uncertain levels of funding mean that there will be fewer and fewer service providers for the population we serve; many children will go without care. That makes it imperative that we continue to operate.

We are serving a population with great immediate needs, and through our service to them, we are creating brighter futures.  This land sale allows UMCH Family Services to not only reallocate the funds currently used to maintain our campus, but create an endowment to help ensure our continued operation.  Additionally, it allows for funding of research, education and innovation inside children’s services.