Family Foster Care

Who is a Foster Parent?

A foster parent is someone who temporarily takes care of a child in the custody of a county. A foster family can be a one or two parent family, with or without your own children. While there are no “perfect” foster families, they do have shared values and qualities including stability, maturity, commitment, dependability, flexibility, team oriented and a sense of humor.

Foster parents are, in effect, professional parents who will:

  • Accompany children to visits and appointments.
  • Enroll them in school.
  • Be an active part of their treatment plan.
  • Engage biological families.

Become a part of a great foster care and adoption network in central Ohio

If you are interested in becoming part of a great foster care and adoption network in central Ohio, we’d love to hear from you.

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Adoption and Foster Care are tremendous commitments you make to a child or multiple children. When you choose to foster or adopt, you agree to support, encourage, nurture and love a child. It’s an exciting and challenging decision.  Fill out the form below to receive more information about foster care and adoption.

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